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Sometimes beauty treatments can do more harm than good. Find out how to set right, hair treatments gone wrong and more.

Simona got her hair coloured and in about a week her hair appeared dry like straw. Her bad hair not only earned her rude remarks but also got her confidence level dropping down to an all time low. Had it not been for her cousin who gave her some heart lifting advice on how to fix her hair, her hair would have remained a disaster.

Fashion and beauty trends keep changing all the time. When streaks become a fad we see many heads streaked in different hues. If your favourite sports, movie or TV star sports a certain hair style you too may follow suit. But many a times the hair colour or cut may not suit you or worse, the chemicals used in styling may end up having adverse effects on your hair. After a bad hair job all you can think of is, what do I do to fix my hair to like it was before? If you do not have helpful cousins, read on to turn bad hair days into I love my hair days.

When straightening goes messy

You loved the results of your straightened and wanted to kiss the mirror. But after the first wash you met with a rude awakening. Your straight hair had turned dry, wavy and frizzy. You would not dream of stepping out of the house with such hair. Wearing a cap for months is not the solution. Here are some quick solutions for undesired straight hair.

Quick Fix

Get a hair cut that decreases the volumised look
Get hot oil massage done every week
Get hair protein treatment every month
Get a hair cut done every two- three months
Apply some leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair
Use shampoo for dry damaged hair
Oil your hair every alternate day. Oiling hair before turning in for the night is helpful
Apply Aloe Vera gel before washing your hair
Tie a pony tail if you feel your hair is unruly.
Wear a bandana to cover your mane and look stylish
Do not get any chemical treatments done for the next six months.

You will have to wait for some months for new hair to grow. Remember the process cannot be reversed in an instant but is temporary. You need to be patient with yourself and treat your hair with some tender loving care.

When your perm looks like a nest

You got bored of your poker straight hair and wished you would have curls dangling all over your shoulders. Every time you use rollers on your hair, you are showered with compliments. You wished deep inside your heart that if these curls would stay with you forever, it would change your life. So you got your hair permed.

Within a few days your mane has split ends; it is dry and turned frizzy. Soon hair fall began. You started tying your hair in a bun in the hopes that it would hide your disastrous hair. Alas, a strand or two would just spring out of nowhere. If your hair is simply driving you up the wall, get some relief from the chemical treatment gone wrong. Use the tips given below and reach out to healthy hair.

Quick Fix

Trim your hair to avoid split-ends
Get hot oil treatment done every week
Get deep conditioning done every ten days
Ask your doctor for a prescription to control hair fall
Use a shampoo for dry and damaged hair
Oil your hair before turning in for the night every alternate day
Avoid blow drying
Wear a wig if the damage is too hard to handle. Buy something that suits your personality

Perming will take some time to wear off so take it easy and be patient. Be kind to your hair and it will be better.

When your hair colour is a shock

After fantasising yourself in that lovely hair shade a zillionth time you finally got your hair coloured. But horrors of horror it turned out an absolute mess. It doesn't look like the picture you had seen. Follow these tips to save yourself of questions you do not want to answer.

Quick Fix

Avoid bleaching you hair again
Avoid applying henna on coloured hair. It makes hair brittle
Find a shade very close to your natural hair colour
Choose a dark brown shade if nothing else helps
Opt for an ammonia-free hair colour
Consult a credible hair stylist before the second round of hair colouring
Before colouring your hair get a strand test done. You do not want to repeat the same mistake again
Oil your hair regularly after the treatment.
Avoid getting chemical treatments at least for six months
Get regular protein treatments
Use shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair

When a hair cut goes wrong

There is very little you can do to turn around a bad hair cut. But there is hope. Read on to find some helpful tips that can rid you off an embarrassing cut.

Quick Fix

Consult an experienced hair stylist for giving another cut
Wear a cap when you move out
Wear a bandana till your hair grows back
Use clips to pin up hair neatly
Buy a wig if you have a social event and you want to look your best

Treat your hair with love and care. Agonising and worrying over your hair will not make it grow any faster. Occupy yourself with something else. Read a book, practice yoga or count your blessings.

When you have burnt hair

This can be really tragic. Burning hair with chemicals or fire can only be helped with a hair cut. In case the locks are at a higher end or near the forehead you will need these ideas to cover them up.

Try on a bandana
Get a haircut done
Wear scarves. There is a huge variety available in markets
Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner
Use a leave-in conditioner everyday to soothe hair
Oil your hair regularly

When you have dead hair

Dead hair is a result of using excessive chemicals and hair styling products. To prevent your mane from being dead here are some life saving fixes.

Quick Fix

Oil your hair regularly
Use a shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair
Avoid blow drying hair
Avoid chemical treatments
Avoid applying henna for six months
Apply egg mask every week

When you have chewing gum in your hair

This may be an accident or not. But there are some very easy ways to get out of this one without chopping off your beloved tresses.

Quick Fix

Apply coconut oil on the area. The gum will slide easily
Apply some moisturising cream on it, if you are out

Your hair is a valuable beauty asset and this is no secret. Treat it with care to prevent it from becoming a disaster. Be true to yourself and get makeovers done that are right just for you.

Did you ever have a hair disaster? How did you fix it? Do you think chemical hair treatments are the only way to look beautiful? To share your experiences, views, and tips

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