Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tips 4 Shiny Hair

Eat plenty of iron packed foods or take iron supplements. Iron is a good source of nutrients that will give you healthy skin and shiny hair.

Vitamin E should be the epitome of shine. Vitamin E has special agents that create a silky, shiny effect for your hair, you can take a supplement or use a product based gel, shampoo or conditioner.

Condition your hair weekly, to get best results use a deep conditioner.

Use hot oil treatments to create great shine.
Moisturizing shampoos are ideal when you are trying to get shiny hair.

There are a variety of shine hair care products on the market you can choose what is right for you depending on the type of hair you have.

You can always opt for the classic wash your hair with eggs and mayo, which it actually does work however your hair will not smell so good, so it is best to follow up with a scented or herbal shampoo.

Gels and creams are always an affordable alternative to create the ultimate shine for your hair.

It is recommended to use styling products in moderation, too much use of products can make your hair look dull and will not promote the shine and silk that you want to achieve.

Lemon juice has a special effect that you can use as an aid to help you create silky hair.It is easy to apply to you hair, you should leave lemon juice in your hair for about 20 minutes and thin rinse out. The end result you hair will look fantastic!

When you wash and rinse your hair it is recommended to rinse with cold water since the cold water closes the cuticles therefore allowing your hair to create a silky shiny look.

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