Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mr Vintage: Round Frame Sunglasses
With the current focus on heritage within menswear, it should come as no surprise that eyewear is also feeling the design influence of yesteryear.
Round frame styles hark back to the early days of sun opticals, when the most logical (and easiest) shape to fashion for sunglasses was circular.
Round frames were the de rigueur shape in the twenties and thirties – it was during these decades that sunglasses became more widespread, with advancements in technology and production methods making eyewear more accessible and desirable.
While early designs were made from flimsy plate glass, Bakelite and alloy metals, today’s sturdy styles are crafted from high-grade materials, combining the best of fashion and function.
Guaranteed to lend a hint of quirky vintage cool to any look, round frames are best suited to gents with strong jaw lines, as circular lenses tend to have a softening effect.
A couple of suggestions for exceptional round frame sunnies include Eye Respect’s perfectly balanced DC style and Ace & Tate’s honey-tone Pierce sunglasses.

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